WhatsAppMa v3 [Base 2.12.285]
Requirements: Android 2.3 and up
Overview: Another stable and 100% working whatsapp MOD available !


Anti ban * Anti update
Based on WhatsApp 2.12.285
Add increased upload size limit video file 30MB
New issues * Add Change Icon App
Add more and more language * Fix preview images and video
More Fix Error in the old version * Add Call Button Hide
Add more Language: Father, which, of nl, es * Fix + Emoji and fix middle finger
Options to change the Themes * Privacy Settings
Emoji WhatsApp Moreover, * Maximize the image profile
Select a Conversation screen text * Select a text on State
* Copy State
Send more than 10 pictures at once
Direct activation via sms code without backup
Preview images and video * Counter for groups
Size 17.5 MB Version
The possibility of clicking on links without storing number
the sender of the message owner or group
Add Hide Files
The possibility of distinguishing between the ordinary messages and broadcast messages
And more features

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AAABrothers wrote:WhatsAppMa v3 [Base 2.12.285]
Size 17.5 MB Version

When these Whatsxxxxx devs would stop coping features list from one another. This release is 20.96MB, but according to features list it’s size is 17.5 MB.

It’s depends on dev mods and coding method; as it’s modified form of whatsapp; so varying the size is usual thing; no need to worries about that :)
You need to put a more info link that pertains to THIS version, not the original. If you don’t have a website, put N/A. I’ve already mentioned this to you once before.