Bedside (Night Clock) v3.7.3
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Night clock that silents notifications with whitelists. Sleep without worries.

Bedside is a very dimmed customizable night clock. You can change the colors of the letters/icons, as well as the background. You can even let it use your own wallpaper if you’d like.

The biggest feature of Bedside is the so-called « Bedside Mode ». While in Bedside mode, a service will be started that will switch your phone to silent mode, and it will monitor for calls and text messages to allow them to ring through. You can configure a whitelist of callers, and there’s even a separated list for text messages.

It includes a built-in screensaver mode that will remove everything from the screen and leave it completely black, and re-enable everything again once you touch or move your phone. This way, your screen won’t have burn-in issues, and you can see the time quickly at night without having to lock/unlock your phone everytime.

Also features the ability to use the Text-to-Speech engine in your phone. Enable it in the preferences and Bedside will speak the time anytime you long-press on the screen while Bedside is open.

Bedside can be automatically started everytime you charge or dock your phone.

It does not include a built-in alarm. Use the alarm application that came with your phone or a 3rd party alarm application from the market. You can make Bedside link to any application when you click the icons shortcuts on the main clock display for the first time.

This latest version of Bedside (3.6) has branched from the upcoming version 4.0 which will include a built-in alarm (that you won’t be forced to use, you will still be able to use your own alarm application), automatic profiles (depending on location, time and other states), weather and other new things. Plans were to have version 4.0 ready a long time ago but it was not possible due to personal issues. 4.0 is still buggy and incomplete so I decided to bring a few things from it to 3.5 and make it 3.6. I hope this is enough for now, as I will be working real hard to make 4.0 a possibility.

With Bedside, now you can get your sweet dreams without worrying!

What’s in this version:
Support Android 1.6 again. Removed it by mistake in version 3.7.1.
Clean up and less memory usage.
Fix problem with Licensing library. My sincere apologies about that.

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Mirror: Here!
Thanks bro.
It’s now at version 3.8.4
all dead – plz reupp or update :)
I have version:

Bedside (Night Clock) 3.8.4

If someone knows a host, where I can upload it without setting up a account…

Mausje wrote:I have version:

Bedside (Night Clock) 3.8.4

If someone knows a host, where I can upload it without setting up a account…

u can go here – & upload it there without any account.