Asistente Agenda Pro v1.5
Requirements: 2.1 and up
Overview: Create reminders in your phone quickly and easily

Agenda Wizard Pro is the ad-free version of the free app Calendar Wizard. Also includes extra functionality to choose the time of notice for each appointment.

Examples of citations for the wizard:

– On Tuesday, October 16 meeting at 5
– Friday in two weeks food at 3 pm
– The party next Thursday at 10 pm
– On March 5, dinner at 9 and a half hours
– In 8 hours taking the antibiotic
– In a couple of days to look at advert
– Tomorrow call back to school at 10 and 25
– Food September 30 at 2 and a half

You can modify the details of your events manually with pen button

Share your events with your contacts via the Share option in the application menu

Calendar Favourite:
Choose your favorite events calendar and automatically create the.
Android phones are usually subscribed to multiple calendars, if you have defined a favorite calendar wizard will ask you where you want to save calendar.

Auto Mode:
You can only use the wizard’s voice, for it gives your date, when the microphone appears, and waits until the application will dictate the appointment that has been recognized.
If you are not satisfied with the renowned quote, simply touch the screen anywhere to repeat the dictation.

Works in Spanish. There is an English version called RECA
RECA Inglés version is:

The wizard uses the Android voice recognition so you need internet connection. If your sentence is not correctly recognize the first can retry using the « Repeat » button.

Thanks for your help in the design of the interface and usability:
María José Romero mjromero.madeinpixel @
Mariano Tardón [email protected]

We want your five star Agenda Wizard is a free product constantly improving thanks to your contributions. If you do not like something or think it can be improved, please contact us and exprésanos review.

Note: problems have been detected in terminals S and HTC One solution: disabling the htc calendar application in the applications menu I installed the app « android ics calendar »
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