Screen Off Note v2.1
Requirements: 4.2 and up
Overview: Screen Off Note is an unofficial implementation of the Galaxy Note 5’s screen off memo feature for older Galaxy Note devices particularly the Note 2, Note 3, Note 4 and Note Edge, Note 10.1, Note 12.2 Pro as well as some Galaxy Note tablets. The app works hand in hand with the built-in S Note app so make sure you have the S Note app updated for your device.

The app is launched when you detached your device’s S Pen even when the screen is off. Notes are saved as action memos which you can link to actions in Action Memo app or edit in S Note app or share to friends or colleagues.
The app has a few additional options to customize user preferences. On tablets, it works for both portrait and landscape mode.
The app has a full screen mode for more space. You could use the proximity sensor to toggle the toolbar in full screen mode. Or you could use the Back key to show more options.
The app requires device admin permission to be able to lock or turn off the screen so please activate that option. To uninstall the app, just go in the app’s settings and look for the uninstall option.
The settings only appear when you launch the app from the app drawer (tap the Back key) and does not appear when launched from the lockscreen to protect your saved settings.
The app works with some third-party lockscreens and may conflict with others depending on how the lockscreen app was implemented so please test. The app may also conflict with air command if you don’t use a secure lockscreen so set spen detachment option to none to avoid conflict.
Notice: Smart Manager app sometimes prevent the app from running when spen is detached. To prevent this, you must enable the app to autorun in the Smart Manager app in the RAM>Autorun tab.
For issues with the app, please feel free to contact us by email. We will do our best to respond.
Action Memo, S Note and Galaxy Note are trademarks of Samsung. Samsung is in no way affiliated with this app except by providing the SPen sdk which this app uses.
What’s New
– option to start FULLSCREEN mode on app launch
– device admin is no longer mandatory
– in v2.0, the app uses a screen service to prevent the brief showing of the lockscreen when the spen is detached. Functionally the screen service does not do much except simulate the behavior of the Galaxy Note 5 when the spen is detached but it may use battery power & cause a slight delay in waking up the screen. In v2.1, the user has the option to disable it in case of some issues.
– some minor bug fixes

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This is a very nice and useful app thank u very much

@(GL)fantap any idea where the notes are saved ? cos i can´t find any saved notes under S note.

thanks in adv

2.2 please :)
yes 2.2 pls.
version 2.2 please