RoboForm v4.2.9
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Overview: RoboForm for Android allows you to store and view RoboForm Passcards, Identities and Safenotes on your Android device.


RoboForm is password manager and form filler. It downloads your logins from RoboForm Everywhere (Online) account. You can login to your favorite sites automatically in RoboForm for Android using stored login information from RoboForm on desktop.

Notes on browser integration:
– RoboForm is forced to run its own browser because:
– Native Android browser does not allow any integration.
– Dolphin browser does not allow integration with it.

Here are some key features of « RoboForm »:
· Access your RoboForm Data files using your RoboForm Online Account, a free service at
· Use RoboForm Online to log in to sites on the Native Android Browser.
· View your Logins from your Android device.
· Log in to sites on the fly using the « Matching Passcards » functionality.
· Landscape View – You can rotate in any window and view the proper Landscape View that the Android provides.

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