Samsung’s Galaxy View tablet is huge. The Korean company knows that of course, but through various marketing techniques it’s been trying to play it down as an obvious disadvantage and turn it into a unique selling point for the device.

The latest attempt by Samsung to convince consumers that the Galaxy View isn’t too big to be useful comes in the form of a new infographic about the tablet.

The word « movable » is used here a lot – and we’re thankful that Samsung doesn’t consider the View to be « portable ». You can, however, move it from room to room inside your home, and that isn’t even very hard, since it comes with a back handle.

The Galaxy View is tailor-made for consuming entertainment, it seems, as it apparently enables « immersive viewing within arm’s reach ». So you can watch your favorite videos, movies, or TV shows, wherever you may be in your house. The claimed eight-hour battery life (when playing videos) clearly helps too. But you can also play games on it, or share handwritten notes with your family if you want to.

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