Digital Clock Widget Xperia Premium v3.4
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: A simple digital clock widget with Sony Xperia™ look and feel.

Note: On some devices you may have to reboot your device after installing for the widget to show up in the widget list!

If you are having a question or a problem with the app, please contact us via email. We will gladly help you.
A simple digital clock widget with Sony Xperia™ look and feel.
– Choose between small (2×1) and big (4×2) resizable digital clock widgets with 6 possible fonts
– Adjust the time and date font size and color and select your preferred time and date format
– Option to launch your alarm or calendar app on tap; optionally tapping the time area and tapping the date area can launch different apps
– Option to add the widget to the lock screen (Android 4.2+ only)
– Premium upgrade that unlocks 9 additional fonts, option to show battery level info and removes advertisements

Note: If you don’t know how to add the widget to your home screen, please use the « Read me » option in the settings window.

Note: The permissions are necessary for the advertisements in the widget’s settings window and the premium in-app purchase
Xperia™ is a trademark or registered trademark of Sony Mobile Communications AB

What’s New
– Added: Option to manually set time format: 12h/24h, AM/PM, leading zero
– Added: Option for separate tap action for the date / alarm time area
– Improved: Widget preview interface: now shows the current wallpaper, various problems fixed
– Fixed: Empty settings window and force closes on some devices
– Improved: Slightly reduced battery usage on some devices and other internal optimizations

Premium features are unlocked!!
This app has NO advertisements

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New link pls!
sporezu wrote:New link pls! … 3Bzip.html
(select « source download »)

Thanks but all links are dead.
reupload please
all links are dead plz reupload
version 3.6 please, if possible ??
Please update to last version
Any one know where to download this?
vadaszi wrote:!p8tTBKaa!S8QXJOCxZTNi9RFGRyg_QXO0a2p1MP4b2hVis0wjUq8

Doesn’t appear to be premium. Still has ads and won’t display battery. Anyone have a link to the premium version?

Does someone have the 3.6 premium version available??
any working links please?
caliboe ___ Xperia Premium v3.4

thanks alot