Analogion v1.0.2 Crack
Requirements: 4.0.3 And Up
Byzantine lectern and Isocrates for android devices (tablets and mobiles).

Byzantine lectern and Isocrates for android devices (tablets and mobiles).

Applying: Analogio and Isocrates we have two amazing applications running simultaneously on the same screen.

01. By applying Analogio we can load our android device, entire libraries of music books and liturgical texts of the Church, sorted perfectly.

02. By application: Isocrates we have in our android device ten experienced Isokratia accompany us in harmony when we sing.

Specifically, the application Analogion J. Bakopoulos, has the following features ::

01.Dynatotita up to 10 open PDF ahead simultaneously on the screen. The pdf reader XODO keeps in memory the books that we have opened so the next time you open up again our device, we find the same books again open before us, and even on the same page that we had just left.

02.Oi 17 home folder (eg 01. Typically, 02. VESPERS, 03. MATINS, 04. HOLY, 05. month 06. Supplication etc.) help us in complete tidying up all files will integrate into the program.

03. Huge capacity. We integrate microCD cards up to 32 – 64 GB.

04. Possibility of simple steps, to add and subtract any book or PDF, and to move it from one folder to the other.

05. Ability to scan our own PDF, and we incorporate them into the program.

06. Ability to work Isocrates with any pdf reader.

* Lath for SEARCH. Quite simply whatever KEYWORD if the user types in the search, the program finds this KEYWORD’re there in this PDF.

* Lath for MISSION of PDF to: e-mail, Drobox, Bluetooth, Google Drive, Wi-Fi Direct

* Lath to select reading pages in different ways.
A. Right and left (1-1, 2-2 pages with thumbnails, ie with many small pages simultaneously on the screen). B. Over – down on the screen. C. Reading with night mode.

* Bookmark OUTLINE (digital contents). Possibility that we automatically goes to the point of the book that we are just under the title we have chosen from our digital content.

* Bookmark BOOKMARKS, feature that shape – we define our digital contents.

* Lath with features notes, underlining, marking with different colors, deletion, references to lines, erase with eraser notes and drawings etc. on any PDF page.

* Lath for direct printing of any book or PDF.

* Lath for MOVE Isocrates from the bottom of the screen in the middle of the screen and by the middle of the screen at the bottom, for greater convenience and practicality to read PDF.

For any problem about downloading or purchasing the application Analogio and Isocrates the PLAY STORE, email us at the following address: [email protected] , to help you.

Very important upcoming upgrades – improvements will be provided free of charge and each user receives simply by clicking Upgrade (update).

Read more and see related pictures and videos on the official website of Isocrates:

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