Google has started rolling out a new update for the Maps application on Android, which adds a couple of new features.

The first and most important one is Driving Mode. With this enabled, the app will tell you information such as traffic conditions and ETAs as you drive around without having to enable the navigation feature. This would be convenient when you are driving to a location where you don’t need to use navigation but need the additional info anyway. It uses location history and web searches to assume where you might be heading and provides relevant information.

The other new feature is the ability to disable an old one. You can now easily disable the voice feedback when using navigation in your car with the tap of a button on the map instead of digging through the settings.

Lastly, Google has also updated the timeline settings, with with the option to include history from Chrome and other apps, and also to show your Google Photos in your timeline.

The update has started rolling out and should be available over the next few days.


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