Notes Note-Ify v1.8.6
Requirements: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Overview: *** Note-Ify Notes – One of the most popular note-taking applications in the world ***

Note-Ify Notes – write everything you need, group into FOLDERS, HIGHLIGHT and mark FAVORITE notes, synchronize via DROPBOX and protect with a PASSWORD.

Inbox, folders, favorite notes, the ability to put a password on each note and quick with « one-click » send of a note to a chosen favorite email – distinguish Note-Ify Notes from other note-taking applications.

With this application you increase business productivity and never forget what you want to do!

If you need to share notes with partners or friends – Note-Ify will always help you to publish the notes in the Facebook, Twitter, and share them via SMS or AirDrop. Also it is possible to synchronize the Note-Ify between your devices via Dropbox.

– Password Protection;
– Folders To Group Notes;
– Reminders;
– Favorite Notes;
– Color For Notes
– Themes;
– Fonts, Colors, Sizes;
– Send your notes to the favorite email in one click;

APPADVICE.COM: »This application provides you with an elegant and easy way to keep your thoughts  »

APPPIPE: « Simple, efficient and beautiful, FNotes might just be the best iOS notes app you’ve never heard of »

APPSAD: « Note-Ify – minimalistic replacing to standard notes »

APPLEDIGGER: «Note-ify – this is the best alternative to the standard notes »

APPLENEWS: « Note-Ify – a new look at the minimalist notes that fit perfectly into the new design of the Apple »

YABLOCHNO.COM: «Note-Ify – a new look at familiar application notes … Note-Ify is quality and useful … synchronization and customization of appearance make it a viable alternative to the standard » Notes « .

APPLEMAGAZINE.COM: « … application in its current form is certainly the easiest way to create notes, and will make a great addition to your performance »

APPPICKER.COM: «Note-Ify features a very basic interface, and I actually prefer Productivity apps of this kind which keep things nice and simple. I definitely think the streamlined layout is a huge benefit for busy bodies like you and I!»

APPPICKER.COM: «I’ve used a fair few apps that are similar to Note-Ify in that they attempt to keep things simple and streamlined. Some developers manage to pull it off, while others fail miserably, and I would say that Note-Ify Notes definitely falls into the former category, with a fantastic minimalist interface and some of the smoothest overall functions you’ll ever see»

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I love this app! Not only is it easy to use but the product support is wonderful. I had a problem with my app not wanting to open and contacted the support person. He got in touch with me almost immediately and was committed to helping me get my note-ify app back up and running! If you are looking for a program to record notes, this is the app for you!
i also try this app and it was working like a charm and i also ask my friends to install