A new App Annie’s report for 2015 takes a detailed look at quite a few statistics from major app stores and a few observations from the report instantly stand out.

For one, it appears that in 2015, Google’s Play Store has registered twice as many downloads as the Apple’s App Store. The difference stood at around 60% in 2014, which means that Google’s mobile software ecosystem I truly growing at a phenomenal rate so as to outpace iOS. However, we shouldn’t fail to mention the enormous difference in market share between the two platforms and the sheer number of Android users definitely help justify the doubled app download counter. The biggest growth spurts in 2015 came from emerging markets, such as Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey, and Mexico.

Volume is one thing, but what does that equate to from a business perspective? The trend here is plainly clear as well – even though Apple users are downloading less apps, they are spending a lot more than their Android friends, about 75% more to be exact. In 2014, Apple’s App store also out-earned its rival by 70%, so the trend is only solidifying. Cupertino clients seem to be inclined to spend more, which has been a well-known fact for some time now and it is natural for app developers to take advantage of that with increasing efficiency.

As a final interesting observation from the report – that games still constitute around 90% of downloads and revenue on the Google Play Store, whereas for Apple that number is closer to 75%.

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