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The moment many a gambling investor had been awaiting is upon us. Microsoft just released its earnings report for its fiscal year 2016 Q2. A preliminary look at the numbers show that Microsoft is continuing its momentum in Office and cloud adoption while surrendering some foothold in its Windows licensing as it transitions to a “cloud-first, mobile-first” company.

Microsoft’s Q2 Financial Summary

Other quick takeaways are a significant drop in Windows Phone revenue while numbers for Xbox Live monthly active users grew by 30% year over year.

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We’ll be updating and going into further details on Microsoft’s numbers in subsequent posts, and so keep it locked to for more information.

In this story stream:

  • What to expect from Microsoft’s earnings report
  • Microsoft’s phone revenue declines 54% but it’s not all bad
  • Office 365 sees revenue growth of nearly 70%
  • Microsoft has forward outlook following its FY16 Q1 results
  • Microsoft’s ‘Intelligent Cloud’ business grows to $5.9 billion in revenue

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