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Do you like savings on games? If so, we’ve got the deal for you. This week’s Red Stripe Deals saves you at least 50 percent off on six great Windows 10 apps and games. The deal includes savings on Prune, Pin More, and Mahjong Artifacts.

As part of the deal, Prune goes down from it’s usual $3.99 price to a discounted $1.99 price. It is a game about beauty and cultivation. In this game, using your fingers to swipe, you can grow and shape your tree into the sunlight and uncover the story hidden deep beneath the soil.


The Pin More app is also now 99 cents thanks to the deal, and is down from $2.99. With this app, you can pin custom tiles for things such as  Steam, Origin, and Uplay games, documents, document folders and websites to your Start screen.

Lastly, Mahjong Artifacts is down from a $6.99 price to just $3.49.  This is a strategy based app where you clear layouts through special tiles and earn bonuses for skillful play and trophies for special accomplishments.

Three other titles, which are seen below, are also part of the Red Stripe deal. If you’re interested in these apps you better move fast! The weekly deals will only last until Feb. 10th 2016.

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