ApkCrack v0.3.4
Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: Apk Crack phone APK programming modified APK Edit Tool


ApkCrack. From the point of view of the English meaning is APK cracking tools, the predecessor of the software is AETool. At present, the author is no longer updated AETool, and update ApkCrack the. The software a APK to edit tools, he can edit APK DEX byte code file, DEX character constant pool. ArsC character constant pool, XML character constant pool, and to ODEX into DEX, as well as some common file manager. This software is light, functional and practical. You can modify the relevant information and APK code to use it, but also the English software into Chinese software.

Function of this software
1. Strong zip file manager to support directly add and delete decompression operation.
2.Dex character constant pool, finished special.
3. can edit DEX byte code, and revised related information.
5.resources.arsc resource file the character constant pool crack special.
4.Xml character constant pool, finished special.
6.Apk signature tool.
7.Deodex, fast will ODEX files for DEX file


1. Inherit some of the functions of the former AETool, to streamline some of the complicated functions, the software more streamlined.
2. rewriting ArsC editor, the algorithm is more precise, and of resources by classification, the interface has been optimized, than before AETool ArsC editor. This editor edit file ArsC can enough for normal use.
3. adaptation the Android 2.3, compatible 2.3 and above.
4. Android 3.0 and above can support the election is more convenient to operate

A LIRE  Doom & Destiny v1.8.6.3

1. increase the DEX string constant pool DEX increased
2. code editor
3. increase the XML string constant pool
4. to increase the production of the coexistence of the function
5. to fix some other bug
6. new decompression OAT file function, extract oat from the DEX file

1. improved ARSC parsing method, support for parsing more ArsC file
2. to add English and Russian
3. fixes some crash issues
4. to replace the black theme, the interface should be beautiful than before

1. string constant pool of translation increases stop button

v0.3.3(updated contents lost)

1. a string constant pool setting, including font size and style, and settings the translation api
2. add YanDex translation (Russian translation)
3. Add APK Options dialog box, the interface is more beautiful

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