As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, more and more smartphone makers are outing their special deals for the occasion. This time around it’s Huawei we’re talking about, and some special bundles it will make available for the UK through its online store.

On February 11, from 9:30 am to 10:59 pm GMT, you’ll be able to buy either the Honor 5X or the Honor 7 from Huawei’s online store for the UK and get some free stuff in the process. If you’re interested, make sure you visit the Source links below on Thursday.

The £189.99 Honor 5X will be offered alongside the Honor Bluetooth AM08 wireless speaker as well as two £40 Gameloft vouchers, all for no additional cost. Huawei says you’re looking at £100 in savings here.

Moving on, the Honor 7 will get the wireless speaker and two vouchers too, but also the £13.99 smart flip cover – once again, for no additional cost (aside from the £249.99 you pay for the device itself).

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