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A few weeks ago, we let you know how to get the AC power cord replaced on your Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, and Surface Pro 3 machines. The cord that connects the AC brick itself to the wall created a fire hazard, and Microsoft has been taking old units back. The Inquirer, not usually a source for our news (update: for good reason, see below), published a story today reporting on what they received as a replacement.

This seems… well… different.

As you can see, this isn’t perhaps what most Surface Pro owners might expect. As The Inquirer notes, the cable that comes with the Surface Pro devices is a nice matte unit that reeks of the same quality as the machines themselves. This one? Not so much.


We can’t be sure of the length from this image (the cable that ships with the Surface Pro 3, for example, isn’t terribly long), but the one that’s pictured above just doesn’t seem of the appropriate quality. If it is indeed half the length of the original, then it would definitely make for a less convenient cabling solution.

If you’ve already received your replacement cable as well, let us know what you think of it. A quick measure of its length would also be appreciated, and we’ll report back ourselves when one of us gets our own in the mail.

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Update: Based on the responses we are receiving, this seems to be affecting those in the UK, and from our comments, doesn’t seem to be an issue.  Take a look at another example below.

Surface Pro replacement cord.

Just in case you’re using an original Surface Pro, the above is an image of a replacement courtesy of WinBeta reader Carlos (thanks!). The replacement cable is above the original, and is roughly the same length. The design is clearly different, as is the apparent build. Our best guess is that Microsoft is sending out a number of different types of cords depending on region and device, and hopfully they all avoid the unfortunate side effect of catching on fire.

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