Awesome Pop-up Video Premium v1.1.5x
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Some even call it « Picture-in-Picture mode ».
Multi-task! Why stop watching your TV show if someone sends you message, or get new email?


Awesome Pop-up Video is a video player unlike others. It plays the video in pop-up window, floating above other applications, just like on your computer.

Open videos in pop-up from your device or open videos from the Internet without downloading.

Why Awesome Pop-up Video is special?
If you have installed Xposed Framework, the application will have extra powers.

• Introducing « First row » tab. One stop hub to get the trending videos around you. Saves you a click :)
• Chromecast™ support, currently available for external videos. Happy chromecasting.
• THEMES, customize the player colors to match your phone theme. It’s Android, right?
• Hide videos, except YouTube™ videos :
• Snap to edges. When the player is near screen edge, it snaps right to it. No more trying to align the player with the edges.
• Multi Window™ ready = Maximum multitasking (only for devices that support Multi Window™)

But this is not just pop-up player. When finished with multi-tasking, you can enjoy your videos in full-screen, no distractions.

Must have for tablets, so much white space on the websites, why not to use it?

This is the free version of Awesome Pop-up Video, which has a 5 minute viewing limit. Upgrade to the premium version to remove the viewing limit.


• Playlist support + special eye candy if you have Android Lollipop
• New Awesome Search – search for videos from YouTube, Vimeo or enter link to pop-out the video
• links support
• Design improvements
• Improved start up speed
• Other fixes based on your feedback. Thanks
Don’t forget to reboot :)

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Balatan wrote:v1.1.5x

Could you please explain what the x in v1.1.5x means?

x86? experimental? version number u, v, w, then x? xposed version?

I guess I’m asking about the difference between this and « AWESOME POP-UP VIDEO PREMIUM V1.1.5 (ALL VERSIONS) »? As well as which one to get for my ARM device?


Update Please
TX !!!