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While Windows 8.1 apps work on Windows 10 devices, they don’t always work smoothly and can struggle when it comes to layout and scaling. As more developers create apps that are built specifically for Windows 10, fans looking for the latest app will want to know which apps are optimized for their device. A recent addition to the Windows Store does just that, as spotted by Windows Central.

The CBS Sports app is Built for Windows 10

If you look at an app in the Windows Store that is specifically built for Windows 10 you will now see a brief text underneath the share icon that says “Built for Windows 10.” It’s a small addition to the store that makes a noticeable difference. Running Windows 8.1 apps in Windows 10 can be awkward and create a mixed user interface so knowing an app is built for Windows 10 is a draw.

Microsoft is hoping that more of these messages appear across their store and have continued to push the universal app strategy as a way to get more apps on phones, tablets, 2-1s, laptops, and PCs.

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