Less than a week after there were reports that Google is planning to launch a Samsung Gear VR competitor later this year, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Mountain View, California-based company is also working on a standalone VR headset.

Google’s existing Cardboard VR headset (Star Wars edition)

As the term suggests, a standalone VR headset is one which doesn’t rely on a smartphone, PC, or a gaming console to function. Currently, there isn’t any such VR product in the market.

« The headset will include a screen, high-powered processors and outward-facing cameras, » the report said. It « appears to aim for a middle ground: a quality experience not tethered to an expensive PC or game console. » Startup Movidius will supply the technology for the headset.

As for the availability, things aren’t set in stone it seems. While one of the WSJ’s sources said the device could be unveiled this year, others refrained from offering any specific timeline, cautioning that it’s in early stages of development and could even be scrapped.

The Samsung Gear VR competitor, meanwhile, could be unveiled at Google’s this year’s annual developer conference along with a new VR-compatible Android version, the report said.


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