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The cross-platform measurement company comScore has today released its monthly analysis of the US desktop search marketplace, and while it is still a distant follower to Google’s 63.8 percent market share in January, Bing managed to grow to 21.3 percent of US desktop searches during that same period, up 0.2 percentage points. Actually, Bing is the only major search engine to record a growing market share between December and January, as both Google and Yahoo kept the same market share (Yahoo is still at 12.4%).

ComScore also specifies that Bing counted for 3.7 billion searches (up 1 percent) out of a total of 17.5 billion searches in the US during that same period (up 1 percent), while Google ranked first with 11.2 billion searches (also up 1 percent).


It’s interesting to see that Bing has been the only search engine with a growing market share in January, and we’re wondering if this is a result from Microsoft’s Windows 10 push on desktop PCs, as the new OS automatically sets the Microsoft Edge browser with Bing search engine combo as default on all upgraded machines. Windows 10 is reportedly running on more than 13% Windows devices, and as Microsoft is aiming at 1 billion machines running the new OS in 3 years, we’ll see if Bing market share will follow this upward trajectory during the coming months.