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Today, Microsoft announced a new update to OneNote Class Notebooks, Microsoft’s OneNote solution customizes for the education environment. Following recent updates to OneNote and free Office accounts for teachers, the Office team has included the ability to use APIs for notebook creation. An API, short for Application Program Interface, is a set of protocols, routines or tasks used to create software applications. Think of API’s as building blocks for applications that programmers put together.

To better serve the Education field and IT Admins at school facilities, Microsoft has introduced a new API to automate the creation of OneNote Class Notebooks. In order to create a new class notebook, teachers or faculty would have normally needed to use the OneNote Class Notebook app. For each new notebook, student change and/or addition, this app would be necessary to make those changes or create a new notebook.


Building upon the original OneNote API for Office 365, the new API allows the creation of notebooks using a script that commands OneNote to automate new notebooks.

API for OneNote

This new process can be particularly useful in scenarios where a school-wide change to notebooks is necessary. For example, when teachers return from summer break, having all their new students available in newly created OneNote Class Notebooks is a tremendous time- and energy-saver.

With this new automation, any changes to a teacher’s class and/or student changes are easily implemented by writing scripts to command the deletion of a student or tje transfer of information to a different notebook. All of this works together to help school IT admins, teachers, and faculty quickly and effectively implement changes to classroom OneNote notebooks.

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This new API has Microsoft looking forward to more solutions and ideas created by the company and its education partners for the use of OneNote in the classroom. Will having automated notebook creation help encourage more users of OneNote Class Notebooks? Let us know in the comments.

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