Officiel du SCRABBLE LAROUSSE v1.1 (French)
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: The only application of Scrabble® referee, to play and win!


Designed for amateurs and professionals Scrabble and word games, this app includes a list of 400,000 words authorized by the Official Scrabble game in its edition ODS6.

– A great help to play well
• A dictionary listing all the words admitted to Scrabble® with women, plurals, spelling variants but all the conjugated forms and definitions of the most complicated words.
• Optimize the game: the solution to your shortcomings … Just enter the letters from his easel (and up to 7 letters plateau) and this application is the best combination allowed.
• A scoring tool: a simple tool to keep score and keep the historical part of it.
• The rules of the game to play beyond dispute.

– A fun application
• We can not emphasize enough: to win, you have to train. You have 5 minutes before you? It is quite enough for a small session!
From a random selection and a limited time, find the longest word or that relate the most points. After the elapsed time, make sure you are getting the best combination.


Fixed a bug on Android 4.0 on the  » Optimize » where it was not possible to enter letters on the rack without also posed a letter on the board.

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Thanks.., this game in French Language.
I for one can’t make head or tail of this game!
marooned2 wrote:I for one can’t make head or tail of this game!

Me too… cause it is in French Language :lol: :lol: :lol: