Link2SD Patcher v2.9
Requirements: Android v2.3.3 And Up And ROOT
Overview: Link2SD License Patcher Will Patch Link2SD

– No Package Invalid Anymore.
– Provide Genuine License.


1. Make Sure You Have Installed Link2SD Main App From Play Store Only.

2. Make Sure Link2SD Plus Key Is Not Installed.

3. Now Click Patch Button And Grant ROOT Access,It Will Patch And Reboot.

4. Now After Patching You Will See Link2SD Plus Key Installed In Your App Drawer,Open It And It Will Give You LICENSE Error Just Ignore It.

5. Now Come Back To Patcher And Click Activate And If You Lucky It Will Be LICENSED.

6. UNINSTALL Patcher After LICENSE VERIFIED On Link2SD Key Because Link2SD Main App Scans « p.jasi2169 » If Found Shows PACKAGE INVALID Even If LICENSE Is VERIFIED So Please UNINSTALL My Any Patcher You Have For Example SUBWAY SURFERS,TEMPLE RUN Etc

7. Remember Do Not Uninstall The Link2SD Plus Key.

8. Good Luck… »);

– This Is Free If You PAID For It You Just Got Screwed !!


Changelog :-
// Official Team URET Release //
– Fix FC On Android Gingerbread.
– Add Application Play Store Link In About > Tested On Is Clickable Redirect To Play Store.
– Change App Name.
– Change App Icon.
– Now No Force Close Of Patcher If Supersu Access Is Always Grant But Patch Buttons Will Be Disabled If No Root Access Found.
– Code Optimized.
– Minor Bugs Fixed.

**Read How To Use First In The App**

A LIRE  Radardroid Pro v3.44

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I had a problem installing so I restarted in between steps. Everything works well in the end. Thanks!
followed instructions, flawless on asus, thank you
Jaspreet,, your patcher is showing white screen in my Samsung galaxy young. ;( Please help
arokososoo wrote:Jaspreet,, your patcher is showing white screen in my Samsung galaxy young. ;( Please help

cus of low ram :)
grant the root access manually in supersu allow access -> grant
reboot the device and immediatley start the patcher so free ram be utilized by patcher

THANKS Jaspreet ,, you saved my day… THANKS alot… Any chance for providing us Premium version of Digital Clock Xperia ?!! ;( ;)
Thanks friend, working properly, these are the steps I did: :)

1. Original Link2SD Install from Google Play, or a saved copy of the original APK.

2. Install the Patch « Link2SD Patcher v2.9 » and run it.

3. Now click on the Patch button, and Restart Allow Root Access.

4. After patching, you will see the « Link2SD Plus New », installed in the application drawer icon Open this icon and display « Error LICENSE » ignore this.

5. Then go back, reload the patch, click on Activate.

6. After successful activation, uninstall the patch.

7. Remember not to uninstall the icon « Link2SD Plus New ».

8. Ready, run the application « Link2SD » and enjoy. :thumbup:

Hi Jasi2169
you have helped me before and it worked (old 2.3.3. phone), thanks!

A LIRE  Toolset for Pokemon Go v0.3.1

Now I have a new challenge: I just acquired the ONLY TRUE Android smart-phone-watch (AN1), and am trying to prep it, so I need a good Link2SD among other things. The reasonably new versions of Link2SD failed due to license check issues.
Using your latest rev patcher 2.9 does not work, it crashes at the moment I try to use the PATCH function?!

According to CPU-Z the device is based on a MTK6575 @1GHz, running Android 4.1.1. with 512MB RAM (only 130MB free), so Link2SD is a must! Root is working properly.
What other info is needed, or what can I do to get a recent Link2SD (pro) to run?
Thanks for your tool and help, highly appreciated!

Android watch is not supported
This is NOT a normal « Android watch » as they are popular today.
It really is a small smartphone (320×240 screen) with all the features, sensors, interfaces, internal architecture, plugs and connectors etc. It is on the market for a couple of years, way before the current smartwatch crap started.
Based on a single core MTK processor, as mentioned. What is your patcher dependent on to work? Can I test or do something else to get it working?
I am temporarily hunting a ‘cracked’ version of Link2SD that will run without the ‘license fail’ issue on this device, still hoping for your patcher to work.
Links working for anyone?