Pushbullet Pro v17.6.5
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Pushbullet makes your devices work better together by allowing you to move things between them easily.

Never miss a call or text again while working at your computer.
See all of your phone’s notifications on your computer. You can see text messages, phone calls, and more.

Send files from your computer to your phone with a click.
Getting pictures from your computer onto your phone has never been easier. Files download automatically and open from the notification. No more digging things out of your email inbox or Dropbox.

The easiest way to get links from your computer onto your phone
Links can be opened or shared right from your notifications. Never go through the hassle of emailing a link to yourself again.

Channels are notification feeds that you can follow.
Get alerted about things you care about right away.


– Updated Google branding on the sign-in screen
– Bug fixes & other background improvements
– Added option to disable SMS notifications for texts on other devices
– Updated translations
– Send picture text messages from your computer!
v17.5.2 – Reply to group text messages from your computer or tablet!
– Since group text replies are brand new, they won’t start to count toward your free message limit until Jan 1 :)
– Sending group text messages requires a Lollipop+ phone

(ROOT + Lucky Patcher)
1. Install Lucky Patcher
2. Download and extract file Pushbullet_.zip
3. Copy .txt file to:
* /storage/sdcard0/LuckyPatcher/*.txt file here <<<< (if you ROM is older than JellyBean)
* /storage/sdcard0/Android/data/com.android.vending.billing.InAppBillingService.LUCK/files/LuckyPatcher/*.txt file here <<<< (if your ROM is higher than JellyBean)
4. Install Pushbullet apk
5. Open Lucky Patcher and touch and hold on Pushbullet app…don’t launch it yet!
6. Select Open Menu of Patches
7. Select Custom patch
8. Now select Apply button.
Wait for a while and you’ll get a success GREEN message!!
Now Launch the app and check PRO features.

A LIRE  Trusted Contacts 1.0.release.141185755

Advantages of Alternative Method:
SignIn with Google Plus or Facebook

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More Info:

Code: Select allhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pushbullet.android

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Windows Pushbullet Pro v392 (credits mistzelda) >> c:Users~YourPCName~AppDataLocalPushbulletbin~copy file here~

Patched Windows version v392:
mistzelda wrote:Patched Windows version v392:

thanks mistzelda..just tested. work great for me. :thumbup:

mistzelda wrote:Patched Windows version v392:

Thank you sir!

Unfortunately PushBullet has changed their install directory layout. There is no more bin folder & the exe is now pushbullet.exe; tried renaming the cracked exe, but it just force closes =/
Chaprnks wrote:Unfortunately PushBullet has changed their install directory layout. There is no more bin folder & the exe is now pushbullet.exe; tried renaming the cracked exe, but it just force closes =/

I’m not trying to say that your installation isn’t borked or screwed up like you describe, but when looking at my own Windows 7 Pushbullet directory structure on my PC, I’m honestly not seeing what you’re talking about here… I’m on Windows 7 and my Pushbullet directory is just as the OP’s instructions describe.

For me, before overwriting the existing(original v392 pushbullet_client.exe file from my existing & "legit" v392 Pushbullet installation), I navigated through my system to the default Pushbullet installation directory and it’s just exactly where the instructions say that it would be located… C:Users*YourWindowsProfileName*AppDataLocalPushbullet . Inside the Pushbullet folder are two more folders: C:Users*YourWindowsProfileName*AppDataLocalPushbulletbin and C:Users*YourWindowsProfileName*AppDataLocalPushbulletctx . The ctx folder just has all your corresponding device *.ico files in it and the C:Users*YourWindowsProfileName*AppDataLocalPushbulletbin folder is where pushbullet_client.exe is located.

A LIRE  1775: Rebellion v1.8

After signing out of the original v392 Windows Pushbullet program and exiting out of it, I then replaced the existing/"legit" v392 pushbullet_client.exe file, which by default, is located in the C:Users*YourWindowsProfileName*AppDataLocalPushbulletbin folder, I re-opened up Pushbullet from the new/patched v392 pushbullet_client.exe file that was included in this thread, signed in using my G00gle account, and the Pro version was enabled and seems to be working properly. Both the patched version for Windows and the Android patch(legit Play Store version patched with the included Lucky Patcher custom patch) work just fine for me. I enabled encryption in the Windows version and on all my Android devices, then enabled "Universal copy & paste" on both Windows and my devices, tested it out in both directions and it works flawlessly.

Thanks for this !