blacked out // blakZent ★ v130
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: ATTENTION: If you’re on MM6.0 with CMTE (CM13, DU) AND you dirty flash, MAKE SURE YOU REVERT STOCK THEME BEFORE YOU UPDATE. Or you SHOULD expect at most THREE soft reboots before your phone works again! This is due to dirty flash theme recompiles that get corrupt (CM side).

Welcome to the first and original dark UI available for the CyanogenMod 12 Theme Engine. This theme is perfect for those on AMOLED displays, energy efficient and is also a stylistic preference.
Please contact me directly before posting a review, I would be infinitely grateful! :)

For direct contact with the team, please join our Google+ community! We’re not scary!:

– MAINTAINER: This theme is maintained by Nicholas, email/xda link is linked below.
– SUGGESTION: Once you apply the theme. Perform a reboot! Any FC’s, just reboot again.
– SUGGESTION: If you want to learn how to theme, check out my thread: … 2-t3006339
– SUGGESTION: If you are on a ROM with an icon that is not themed inside Settings, email me.
– PROBLEM: Nova Launcher v4.0 users, please set your card background to black or else you will have black on black text.

– POPULAR: SystemUI/Notification Drawer not themed? This is a CM12 problem. Follow these instructions to fix: thanks to Manuel and Will.
– REQUEST: Any other bugs, contact me (Nicholas) directly. Do not leave a bad rating if your bug is easily solvable.

– Must have a CM12/CM12.1/13 ROM with Theme Engine installed.

A LIRE  Cinema 4K v2.2.1 [Unlocked]

We have over 211 app/system overlays, but if you want to know exactly what is themed, take a look at the list under "WHAT IS THEMED?" on this page:

FIRMWARES SUPPORTED: CM12 (100%), CM12.1 (100%), CM13 (100%)
ROMS WITH ICONS: CM, Cyanogen OS, BlissPop (Bleeding edge updates). Temasek, Fusion, Candy5, CyanideL, LiquidSmooth, Euphoria OS, Team OSE, EOS, AICP, CRDroid, Validus, Nameless, Carbon, Flex OS, Dirty Unicorns (#DUCertified), PAC-ROM, Benzo, OwnROM, Exodus and ResurrectionRemix.


– Fix unreadable Bluetooth pairsing request dialog text
– Update TeleService Problematic Styles
– Add DUI resources for RR, Screw’d
– Update Hangouts for v8.0
– Update WhatsApp Overlay to 2.12.540
– Update Gmail Overlay (Popup Menu + Chips Dropdown)
– Fix unreadable Google Drive text in Search File Type
– Shift Toast back up a bit, removing -5 offset
– Update Setting’s Colors with Exposed Values
– Let QS tiles text take on accents

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