Tabata Stopwatch Pro – Tabata Timer v1.6.10 build 32
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Tabata Stopwatch Pro is the ultimate Tabata and HIIT Interval Timer that works for ‘all’ your interval training needs. Use with Tabata, HIIT, kettlebells, calisthenics, bodyweight exercises, etc.

Tabata Stopwatch Pro is a feature packed beautifully designed interval timer for people who follow the Tabata training method. Designed with both beginners and advanced users in mind Tabata Stopwatch Pro comes ready to use with basic Tabata already set up for you. As you gain more experience you can customize all intervals to match your pace. You may even create and store your own interval presets to quickly change to different workouts. You may use the app for your HIIT and WOD exercise routines and workouts.

Tabata Stopwatch Pro is loaded with beeps that help identify what part of a workout you are in, interval beeps for example tell you when a new interval has started. Tabata Stopwatch Pro also has voice support that announces intervals to further help you focus on your workout. Oh and what would an exercise app be without music, select your favorite tracks and blast through that workout.

Tabata Stopwatch Pro includes:

+ Pro grade Tabata timer.
+ Ready to use out of the box. Classic Tabata already set up for you.
+ Simple to use, just push play.
+ Handcrafted and design updated for Android.
+ Comes with 2 beautiful themes.
+ Color coded display visible from afar. Colors represent the amount of energy you are using in an interval.
+ Customize initial countdown and warmup time.
+ Customize exercise, rest, recovery and cooldown intervals.
+ Adjust the number of sets and cycles to match your pace.
+ Build presets to support your multiple interval training needs.
+ Pause your workouts if needed.
+ Interval beeps.
+ Interval vibration.
+ Continuous beeps.
+ Three second beeps.
+ Halfway beeps.
+ Voice assist so that you focus on your workout and not the screen.
+ Workout to music.
+ Set music to pause to hear beeps and voice assist clearly.
+ Works with other apps and when your device is locked.
+ Google Fit integration to track your Active workout times and calories burned.

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Give Tabata Stopwatch Pro a try, you will absolutely positively love it.


V 1.6.10 fixes a few bugs, improves UI and clears a Google Music confusion.
​​V 1.6 adds lots of small improvements, you may for e.g. now skip the last rest interval in a cycle and jump to recovery. We’ve made a lot of small changes that just make things better.
We’ve added an all new, unmatched voice engine that talks you through your entire workout (pro users).
Pro users may now use music playlists and use bluetooth heart rate monitors when working out.
Have awesome workouts and Stay HIIT.

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