Google’s latest service is anything but futuristic. The search giant has just unveiled its very own take on landline phone service. It’s called Fiber Phone and for starters it will be available « in a few areas ». At a later date, it will be an option for all residential customers using Google Fiber internet access.

Fiber Phone costs $10 per month. It gives you unlimited local and nationwide US calling. As for international calls, you’ll get the same rates used for Google Voice (the full list is here). Fiber Phone can give you a new number, or you can keep your old one if you want to. You can use call waiting, caller ID, and 911 services with Fiber Phone.

It will also transcribe your voicemails and send them to you as a text or email, for easier access. It gets even smarter, though – your Fiber Phone number lives in the cloud. Thus, you can use it on almost any phone, tablet, or laptop. It can ring your landline when you’re home, or your mobile phone when you’re not. That sounds a lot like Google Voice, but tied to a landline, in a bid to modernize this ancient technology. It remains to be seen whether Google’s take on this will catch on.


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