The LG G5 officially goes on sale tomorrow, March 31, in its home country of South Korea and then in the US the following day.

The modular flagship has been on pre-order for a week and AT&T has started shipping its units, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile will follow suit soon.

LG says that 200 carriers will offer the LG G5, with availability reaching Europe, Asia and the Middle East soon.

It seems that the UK launch will be a week from now, April 8. There’s no word on Canada, but can’t be long now.

G5’s friends – the CAM Plus grip and B&O hi-fi adapter, along with the 360 CAM, 360 VR and a few others – will be available in select markets either at rollout or soon after.

The LG G5 won 33 awards from GSMA’s Glomo Awards, including Best Smartphone. « Modularity has been talked about for years but no one was able to consumerize it until now and we’re happy to take on the mantle, » says Juno Cho, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile.

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