Aprender francés en 3 minutos v3.7.7
Requirements: 3.0 +
Overview: Learn French faster than with traditional methods!
Each unit lasts three minutes learning.
The learning method of long-term memory is unique and can learn French in no time.
Soon you can communicate in fluent French.

So you learn with this app:
• Have 3 minutes? Perfect!
• Open the application and learn new vocabulary while you review and familiar words.
• Every day you can open as many units of learning as you want. The units last only three minutes.
• With this system and you will not forget the vocabulary!
The app is based on a unique learning method that allows you to learn new vocabulary at record speed.
The words you’ve already watched will be repeated at a predetermined rate, and you will not forget again!

Learn vocabulary systematically:
With this app you will learn more than 5,000 words.
→ You will hear the pronunciation of each word by a native speaker.
→ You can read, listen and repeat each word.
→ You will learn with images: Most terms come with an image to facilitate learning.

Step by step you will reach different learning levels with a single app!
‣ Level A1 + A2: Basic Vocabulary / Beginner
‣ Level B1 + B2: Vocabulary Intermediate / Advanced
‣ Level C1 + C2: specialized vocabulary / Expert
You have previous knowledge?
Then do the placement test (2 minutes) and the app will select the ideal starting point for your level.

So the learning method long-term memory works: You learn a new word.
Then our app helps you store the word in your long-term memory:
‣ The next day the app again ask the term.
‣ After two days will again ask the word.
‣ After 4 days you will have to translate.
‣ After seven days the app will return you to submit the word.
‣ Finally after 14 days: the program asks you last word.
If you have successfully translated the term the first try in each repetition, you’ve stored forever in your memory long term.
If you make a mistake in one of the repetitions, the term return to the top of the list of repeats.
The learning method is based on the latest research on learning vocabulary.
Unable to learn more systematically vocabulary!

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These are the advantages of learning French with this app:

✱ better job opportunities!
You have more professional opportunities because you will master the French and speak fluently.
You have the qualifications required to find work in France.

✱ Get to know interesting people!
Each new language opens the door to a new world.
Who knows?
Perhaps the love of your life speak French?
Have a relationship with a speaker of another language?
Your partner will be proud if you improve your French!

✱ Each trip becomes an unforgettable experience!
If you speak French, every trip to France will become an unforgettable experience:
you will understand and you will get to know the country
and its people better.
You can fend for yourself: ask for information or contact for help.

✱ Get more for your time!
You can enjoy watching movies or reading a book in French!

✱ We will keep intellectually fit!
Research has shown that more education increases the quality and life expectancy.
Train your brain.
Studies have shown that learning languages ​​helps prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Relies on a proven system:
More than 540,000 people learn languages ​​with us.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

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i could be wrong but seems to be some grammatical errors in the title itself; francais, apprendre;

EDIT: just checked; same title on google play store (!)
EDIT2: after reading the sample cue cards*, this is the spanish appellation; hence no grammatical errors at all!

The title is the same on Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … 3MIN&hl=en