The Oculus Rift orders are shipping now, and the long awaited VR headset is already in use by the most eager fans around the world. As it happens these days, the guys over iFixit were in a hurry to tear down the thing and check out its internals.

So, the first and most important conclusion iFixit has drawn is that the Rift is quite easy to repair of something happens to it.

Unlike the developer’s version, which used a 1080p Galaxy Note 3 display, the retail one uses two separate OLED 90mm pieces behind the two lenses, each with a display of 456ppi.

Thanks to those big lenses you are seeing, the display looks further away when compared to the Oculus-powered Gear VR headset (with any compatible Galaxy smartphone).

You can also learn about its chip, boards, among other things over the iFixit post.

Or you can check the teardown video below.


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