Market research specialists at Fluent have conducted a survey among Americans asking them about their thoughts on the Apple Watch a year after release. Some of the numbers have turned out quite intriguing.

For starters, 197 of the 2,578 people that took part in the online survey actually own an Apple Watch, that rounds up to 8%. An equal percentage had a different smartwatch, meaning half of smartwatches in the US are indeed Apple Watches. More importantly though, 62% of current owners plan to upgrade to the next model, which no one has seen or heard of yet. Talk about brand loyalty.

Apple Watch owners also tend to see a brighter future for smartwatches than the rest of the survey participants, naturally – 75% consider that the majority of Americans will have a smartwatch in 10 years, whereas the overall opinion is fifty-fifty.

Apple will be pleased to learn that shopping (read Apple Pay) is the second most often mentioned primary use of the Apple Watch behind fitness tracking (telling the time doesn’t count). We wonder, what do you use your Apple Watches for?

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