Berzerker CM12-13 Theme v0.1.4
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Berzerker is a Beautiful Dark Theme with Chrome and silver accents.. Berzerker was inspired by Vikings they call the Berserkr.

I created this theme for the world famous CM Theme engine, its compatible with CM12, CM12.1, and Cm13. This is for the CyanogenMod CM Theme Engine.

I will update Berzerker with the latest commits as CyanogenMod makes them available , that way we can all have a best user experience.. I do run my themes myself and will keep them updated and will continually add more as I theme new apps.. Big Thank you, to Google, XDA, and CyanogenMod for their pursuit to give us the best of Android


If you are using a custom theme, you should apply the stock theme, reboot then apply my theme and reboot at least once.
Confirmed Working On – DU, AOSiP, AICP, RR, Bliss, Pure Nexus, EOS, Exodus, Temasek 5.0 thru 6.0.1 and CM12 thru 13

Please uninstall the CM12.1 version before installing this new CM13 version. ; )

☆New to Berzerker☆

Action Launcher
My Paid apps
Tomahawk Music
XDA Labs
Open Camera
GSAM Battery
Apex Launcher
TBO Updater
Kernel Adiutor
TIBu – Lightly Themed
Nova Launcher
Tesla Unread
Viper 4 A
Mega – New Material
Moto VVM
Root Explorer and Free Explorer
3 Minit Rebooter
3 MinitBattery

Google apps
Carboard Camera
Google Photos
Google Package Installer
*Chromium browser
*Google Handwriting IME
*Google Chrome
*Google Chrome BETA
*Google Chrome DEV
*Google Camera
*Genie Widget
*G Messenger
*G Plus
*G Music
*Google Now
*Google Now Launcher
*Google KB
* Keep
*YouTube – Partial theme

A LIRE  The Bug Butcher v1.0.1 (Mod Money/Unlocked)

Themed System apps

*CM ThemeChooser
*Aosp Keyboard
*Google Keyboard
*Google Play
*Eleven Music
*CM Browser
*CM GalleryNext
*CM ThemeStore
*CM Updater
*Cyngn maxxaudio
*Cyngn fota
*Boxer email
*P.A. Updater
*DU About
*DU Updater
*Eos Updater
*Euphoria Updater
*Ota Updates
*RR Updater
*Slim Launcher
*Theme Chooser

What’s New
v1.4 Berzerker 4.10.16


RR icons
CM downloader
OPPO and OnePlus2 CM settings icons ( Big Thank you to
djdarkknight for help n Chris S for testing this )
Added more new app icons

Added G Photos back in, it can not be totally themed.
I themed it pretty good for the stock apk. Best if used w Gphotos by djdarkknight

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