160 irregular verbs v1 Build 3
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: Would you like to how to conjugate every English verb?

Would you like to how to conjugate every English verb?

It is easy if you know all the irregular verbs because 99.99% of all English verbs end in .-ed. For example: play = I played – you played – he played – she played – etc…

So the secret is knowing the 160 most important irregular verbs and they are all in this app.

This app contains a video per verb to help you understand the meaning of the verb; tense structure for every verb with examples in context, a story per verb with present, past, and future uses of the verb and quizzes for you to check your comprehension of each verb. There are also quizzes level 1 to level 32

Your English level is now a constant question on every job application form in every country.
Learning English in context has three main advantages;

– The app concentrates on English used in day to day situations to prepare the app users to speak English fluently in work, on a date or abroad.

– The app has videos AND exercises designed to make English a fun and rewarding experience rather than a tedious chore.

– Last but least, the app tests listening, reading, writing and grammar and is designed to make the app into a speaking aid and not just a teaching tool.

This app contains something for everyone learning English thanks to the complexity of the stories and diversity in the quiz questions. Whatever your English level, whatever the amount of experience you have speaking English, learn English irregular verbs in context will have something to teach you and improve your English level.
The videos in the app were designed to enable you to understand the verbs without translating.

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