Bandit Six VR v1.0.14
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: We give you the firepower. You give ’em hell.

Grab your Google Cardboard and take to the skies. Man the tail guns of a World War 2 bomber fending off swarms of attacking fighters as they close in for the kill. You’ll face the enemy’s deadliest aerial weapons from the iconic Me109 to V2 rockets, jets and missiles.

Designed exclusively for VR where you use your head to aim and the trigger to shoot, Bandit Six delivers intense first-person aerial combat in over 60 missions set amidst skies full of tracer, flak, flames and planes. So man the guns and join the fight.

For best experience, use with a Google Cardboard viewer
Supported Devices: Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Nexus 5, Nexus 6

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strange….app is not showing up after installation.
not on screen and not in drawerbox.
can only start through googleplay/playstore on-line
same here on HTC m7
Faguopal wrote:same here on HTC m7

it shows in google cardboard app.
What I could not find out is where to save the obb file… Can someone please help?

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