mazec3 Handwriting Recognition v1.9.8
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Overview: * This is the English handwriting recognition app.

* Handwriting recognition add-ons for French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), and Korean are available as in-app-billing apps.
* If you have “7notes with mazec”, you don’t have to purchase this app for the English handwriting recognition.

“mazec3” is the state-of-the-art handwriting recognition engine which allows you to change your handwriting to text messages during or even after your handwriting. In particular, using with MetaMoJi’s applications such as Note Anytime or 7notes, it enables you to mix handwriting recognition into your standard Android experience, removing the reliance on the software keyboard.

The app contains three input modes; Convert, Stroke, and Keyboard. Your handwritten letters are converted into text in the Convert mode. You can choose the best words or phrases from the list of alternatives. Using Note Anytime or 7notes, you can enter your handwriting as it is in the applications in the Stroke mode. The handwritten letters can be converted later at any time. The Keyboard mode allows you to enter characters as you type in the other apps. This mode assists you to insert words that have not been registered in the mazec3’s dictionaries such as e-mail addresses or URLs.

Now you can take notes faster and easier in a wide variety of situations such as during a phone call, attending lectures, meeting with customers, and commuting. The application delivers the power of human touch, to offer solutions that eliminate the barriers between smartphone and tablet users and their keyboards. The handwriting recognition features can be used within other Android applications such as e-mail, Twitter, blogging apps, thanks to the mazec technology.

A LIRE  Odesys FreeCell v4.9.1

mazec3 features include:
– Real time conversation from handwriting
– Conversion after handwriting (only inside text boxes in Note Anytime and 7notes)
– Stroke input with smooth inking (only for Note Anytime and 7notes)
– Software keyboard to support entering unrecognized words or phrases
– Cross application handwriting recognition available
– Customizing user-defined text in the user dictionary (only in English and Japanese)
– Learning previously-entered words and phrases

What’s New
2014/03/24 ver.1.9.8
– Bug fixes
2014/02/01 ver.1.9.7
– Bug fixes
2013/12/09 ver.1.9.6
– Changed UI
– Added words to dictionaries

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