Rogue Saga v1.1.6 [Mods]
Requirements: 3.2
Overview: As you enter a very dark dungeon, its entrance collapses. Something is waiting for you in the darkness.

This is not Minecraft! This is a classic Rogue-like RPG. You must survive in the dungeon that is procedurally generated every time you enter.

Choose a class among many different classes and enter an unpredictable dungeon. Slain monsters, find treasure chests and get items and skills that will make you stronger. But don’t forget to eat. It is a bit strange but there are stores inside the dungeons. So it would be wise for you to collect gold and loots.

Since this is a classic style game, there are a lot of things you need to manage. But you don’t need to micro anything. It’s a turn-based game! The game will wait you to make a well thought-out move.

Welcome! Thank you for reading the description of my game!
I developed this game by myself. Game art,design and balancing might not be perfect right now, but with your support I will make this game better.


* New Features
– Add Magical Flowerpot : Put an item to another item replaced after some turn passed.
* Improvements
– Live Characters include in Ranking List.
– Increases item types in the shop.
* Bug Fixes
– Fixed a bug when low FPS the arrow passes through the target.
– Fixed a crash when upgrading Orcalibur.
– Fixed a bug that does not cause food poisoning when eaten the monster meat.
* Balance adjustment
– Adjustment item level and price.
– Adjustment the hunger to slowly decrease.

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