With the 4″ iPhone SE out of the gate, the rumor mill turns its attention back to the 5.8″ iPhone Pro. A schematic (probably unofficial) shows the dimensions of the rumored Apple flagship.

The schematic clearly shows the wider camera assembly – info so far points to a dual-camera setup. Will it be like the LG G5 (wide + narrow) or the Huawei P9 (color + monochrome)? That’s unknown at the moment.

Another interesting feature on the back is the Smart Connector. Apple debuted the three-pin connector with the iPad Pro and while it allows advanced functionality like connecting a keyboard, it can be used just for charging (like Logitech does). This could enable slightly more compact battery cases for the iPhone Pro.

One key detail that the schematic doesn’t show is the release date – if we had to guess, we’d see the iPhone Pro at Apple’s September event. Until then, you can enjoy these 3D renders (based on rumors).

Thanks, Adil!


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