Exploding Kittens® – Official v3.0.0 (Unlocked)
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Overview: Exploding Kittens, the most-funded game in Kickstarter history, is now available for Android!
Creat​ed by Elan Lee (Xbox, ARGs), Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal), and Shane Small (Xbox, Marvel).


– Exploding Kittens is a multiplayer card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.

– Play with 2 to 5 friends or strangers online

– All art illustrated by The Oatmeal

– New cards exclusive to the digital version of Exploding Kittens

– The digital version of the most backed game in Kickstarter history

In this highly-strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette, players draw cards until someone draws an Exploding Kitten, at which point they explode, they are dead, and they are out of t​he game — unless that player has a Defuse card, which can defuse the Kitten using things like laser pointers, belly rubs, and catnip sandwiches. All of the other cards in the deck are used to move, mitigate, or avoid the Exploding Kittens.


* NEW "BETRAYAL" CARD PACK featuring Fake Shuffle, Alter the Future, Kitten Roll Call, and Self Slap!
* Battery life improvements
* Return of the beloved classic Eggplant and Party Bear emotes
* New Darwin emotes
* Various bug fixes and performance improvements

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More Info:

Playstore   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.explodingkittens.projectbombsquad

Download Instructions: // by symos



Every time I download, I get stuck at the title screen. Any advice?
must be something with your device. it works great on a V10, nexus 6p and a Galaxy S6.
A LIRE  Adblock Plus (Samsung Browser) v1.0.4