House of the Dead Overkill: LR v1.33
Requirements: 2.3.3+
Overview: You thought it was over… but we’ve found the Lost Reels.
Join the original cast and blast your way through remixed worlds from The House of the Dead Overkill™. Play in Survival or Story Mode and mow down waves of infected, blood-thirsty mutants in this b-style arcade shooter.

▪ Experience 3 goregasmic worlds full of carnage in Story Mode. In Papa’s Palace of Pain, Ballistic Trauma, and Naked Terror, you’ll be screaming ‘til your last breath.

▪ Enjoy non-stop shooting action as you blow apart mutants for high-score thrills. See how long you can hold off the swarms of undead in Survival Mode.

▪ Isaac Washington: a hard-drinking ladies’ man who deals damage in droves.
▪ Agent G: an inexperienced but deadly assassin who keeps a steady hand under pressure.
▪ Varla Guns: the hottest stripper on the Bayou City club scene who enjoys the largest clip.
▪ Candi Stryper: an expert with her hands who knows how to reload.

▪ Obliterate mutants with one of three control mechanisms optimized for your mobile device – Accelerometer, Virtual Pad and Frenzy Tap (unlockable)

▪ Destroy mutants to earn Ka$h, the in-game currency, and upgrade your pistol to something that really blasts through flesh.
▪ Enhance your killing prowess with combo extenders, reload boosters, and other game-changing upgrades.

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can’t install apk
Free some space. tested, works fine here.
Works fine here also.

Nexus 7 (2012)

It works on my Note2, but is this a cracked version? how do I get Kash?
Works great on my SGSII running stock ICS 4.0.3
Works here on Ainol Fire with 4.4.2…

Freedom works too! :D

Not working for me. Everytime I try to install it says Not Installed. I have more than enough memory space for it and I know it can install because I have done it with older releases
does work…sorta….but not cracked properly it seems. reloads will get slower and slower until it’s eventually unplayable. that’s what I get anyways.
can this be properly cracked please?…this is the only way we will be able to enjoy it as it has been mysteriously removed from the Play Store and Amazon Appstore. I bought it from the Amazon Appstore (including Naked Terror DLC) using amazon coins and now a month later the license verification fails because the app no longer exists. Imagine if google blocked all apps running on your phone that didn’t exist in the play store that you originally got from there?…ridiculous. contacted Amazon and got my coins back though..

anyway the reason why i bought it was because of the bullshit reload anti-piracy countermeasure on all cracked APK versions on here. The only version left now is the crappy iOS Free to Play version.

So until this app is cracked properly and the Anti-piracy countermeasures are removed… I can say that

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House of the Dead Overkill: The Lost Reels for android is extinct. due to it being unplayable.

^^ This!
I also tried lucky patcher on it, but it didn’t work either unfortunately.
Please update links. Good sega games got pulled off the market
Need 2 play this
Ok, new links added.
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