Lenovo announced the Moto Z and Moto Z Force yesterday turning a new page in the company’s history. The new devices accent heavily on modularity with a special bunch of addons called MotoMods.

As we told you in our Moto Z hands-on, the device feels properly premium, but the deisgn may not be up to everyone’s taste. The phone is razor-thin at 5.2mm and there’s a good reason for this – Moto didn’t want the phone to be thick as a tire when you snap a MotoMod on it.

Only a select number of MotoMods were showcased during yesterday’s keynote, but they were enough to give us an idea of Moto’s vision. To get the full information of the Moto Z and its modular add-ons, check out our hands-on.

Now, give us feedback on what you think about the Moto Z – is it hot or not?

Moto Z duo: hot or not



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We’ll post the results in a week’s time and it’s going to be interesting to see what’s our readership’s take on Moto’s latest flagship.

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