Pinball Arcade v2.00.2 (All Unlocked)
Requirements: 2.3 +
Overview: Purchase the best classic pinball tables for your Android device!

Winner of the Best Mobile Game of 2012 by X-Play!

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the Pinball Arcade we are now offering Tales Of The Arabian Nights™ for free!

This month, Junk Yard™ is being featured and is available for unlimited play!

The Android version now supports the Moga Pro gaming controller! To try it out make sure your device is paired in B mode. An option for two controller schemes has also been added to the table options menu to allow the user to swap the triggers with the shoulder buttons.

Pinball Arcade features exact recreations of the all-time greatest pinball tables from Williams®, Bally®, Stern Pinball®, and Gottlieb® together in one game. Every flipper, bumper, sound effect, and display pixel has been painstakingly emulated in astonishing detail.

Starship Troopers™, Earthshaker™, Party Zone™, Phantom of the Opera™, Dracula™, Diner™, High Roller Casino!™, Lights…Camera…Action!™, Junk Yard™, High Speed™, Who Dunnit™, Black Knight 2000™, Black Rose™, Fish Tales™, Cue Ball Wizard™, El Dorado™, Class of 1812™, Victory™, Haunted House™, Tee’d Off™, Terminator 2™, Flight 2000™, Goin Nuts™, Champion Pub™, Whirlwind™, Centaur™, Pinbot™, White Water™, Space Shuttle™, Cactus Canyon™, Central Park™, Dr. Dude™, Firepower™, Star Trek: The Next Generation™, Twilight Zone™, Scared Stiff™, Big Shot™, Elvira and the Party Monsters™, No Good Gofers™, Taxi™, Harley-Davidson™ Third Edition, Creature from the Black Lagoon®, Black Knight™, Monster Bash™, Gorgar™, Circus Voltaire™, Funhouse™, Medieval Madness™, The Machine: Bride of Pin•Bot™, Ripley’s Believe It or Not®, Theatre of Magic®, and Black Hole™ are all available for purchase from within the game.

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Each month, regular updates will add on classic pinball tables for purchase.

Our goal is for the Pinball Arcade to become the most realistic and comprehensive pinball game ever created. Please support us in our efforts to preserve these tables and join the indelible part of Americana that is pinball!

What reviews are saying:

“Simply one of the best pinball games I’ve ever played” – Touch Arcade
“As close to the pinball experience as you will ever get in the palm of your hand” –Pocket Gamer
“Pinball doesn’t get any more real or fun on mobile” –Gamezebo
“This game is superb along with great presentation” – Inentertainment
“an impressive title, and one that is bound to please pinball fans” -148 Apps
“Authenticity is the name of the game here, and Farsight has absolutely nailed it” –GameLive.TV
“quite impressive… with content this great, it doesn’t need to use the hard sell” -iLounge
“a pinball nerd’s dream come true” –App Addict

What’s New
– New User Interface added to the Pinball Arcade!


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v2(if cant install v1)


(No Obb in this release)

Thanks symos for this cool game.

you can’t download all the tables all at ones you have to download the Table one at a time.
When I try to download all the tables at ones I get "FC" error
Can this be fixs..

Damn I have to use v2 :(
Thanks for the update and your hard work again, symos! Your efforts are legendary with this game! :D
This update isn’t for the faint of heart as it’s a complete overhaul of the UI with many changes,
most of which are buggy, to say the least.

  • Gorgar table updated. Table force closed on me once in 3 games already.
  • Many missing, stretched or distorted graphics on all my devices. Black Knight table is a prime example. Big mess!
  • No way to view composite Hall of Fame scores of all tables. Standard/Wizard Goals checkmarks are gone with no way to know what you achieved.
  • Table list is difficult to read as they are now rounded graphic icons with no text. Now offers many ways to sort tables, however.
  • New ratings system for tables, which can also be sorted in this fashion. Once rated, you cannot change it back to unrated. Please be advised of this…
  • New Sound Settings with music volume slider! You will need this for the new Pinball Wizard intro song. These settings won’t save, unfortunately.
  • New HoF score backup system, but requires login to Google Play, which this cracked version cannot provide. Though, you can still login to Leaderboards.
  • The old Goals text is now gone and replaced with a non-transparent banner in the middle of the table ala Zen Pinball, which can block game play.
  • The Tilt option in settings requires you to beat the table all the way through Wizard Goals to use, and this is per table! Play like crazy, folks! Hehe!
  • Many more issues that I don’t have time to post here, so be patient and wait for the next updates!
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It will take them some time to iron out all the issues with this massive new change. Quite a few users are not happy with it as the 1 star ratings are pouring in on the GP product page. However, there is no going back at this point. Farsight made their decision, and that’s what we’re doing. So, I’m hoping they will fix things with frequent updates and get this running smoothly. I used the V1 version with a prior install and it worked fine on my devices, by the way. Good luck, folks!

Edit: Apparently, FarSight is calling this a public beta, and unleashed this version on all the platforms last night. Reading the forums, even the Steam users are having the same issues. FarSight claims they didn’t have time to test it out properly, which is quite evident after playing for about 20 seconds. There will probably be another update or ten coming soon…Stay tuned!

Thanks Shardz for all the info on this new version, I think I will go back to the old version..
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