The OnePlus 3 has 6GB of RAM, but people noticed that it doesn’t keep as many apps in RAM as they expected. Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, has addressed concerns about this on Twitter.

First off, he says that limiting the number of background apps is to optimize battery life. Posters on XDA Developers have shown you can change build.prop to allow more background apps, but Pei points out there’s more to RAM management than that.

And to question « then why have 6GB of RAM at all? » the co-founder says the camera and some other modules make full use of the available RAM. The OP team is exploring further optimizations too.

The relevant source code for the OnePlus 3 has been published, so third-party ROMs can be developed with altered RAM strategy.

It remains to be seen if these ROMs will perform better than what the OnePlus team comes up with. While Android was optimized to run on as little as 512MB of RAM back in the KitKat days, it doesn’t seem like Google has done anything on the opposite issue – lots of RAM. This raises questions about the rumored phones with 8GB.

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