Last September, Instagram proudly announced it had more than 400 million monthly active users, boasting that it had achieved that milestone less than a year after hitting the 300 million number.

And now, around nine months after that, the Facebook-owned social network focusing on pictures is sharing an even bigger number with us. This time around, it’s gone past 500 million users, it turns out.

Furthermore, 300 million of those use Instagram each and every day, which means most of the company’s user base is of the extremely loyal type. More than 80% of Instagrammers are outside of the US now, which proves the service’s international reach is growing ever bigger. 5% more people are non-US based now than there were in September of 2015 when the 400 million user milestone was passed.

Of course, Instagram is still quite far from the user numbers of Facebook’s other properties. Facebook itself has more than 1.6 billion of them, while WhatsApp has gone past 1 billion, with Messenger being close by at 900 million.

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