Google may be working on a guided assistance feature for upcoming Nexus devices dubbed Google Support. The app will allow support agents to access your screen (upon your consent, naturally), so that they’ll be able to more easily assess the issue and help you solve it.

So far there’s a single screenshot from the app for us to theorize on and it looks genuine – it’s even got the redesigned navigation buttons supposedly coming with Android N.

Google Support screenshot (click for full-size image)

The rationale behind such a feature is obviously two-fold – on the one hand, it’ll make the platform more accessible to first-time Android users, and on the other, it’ll make life easier for support agents trying to deal with users unable to explain their problems in a voice call or in a live chat.

All that said, the feature is still reportedly in an experimental phase and will not necessarily make it to the official Android N release. And even if it does, that’s not strictly it’s final form.


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