Microsoft’s next phone will be a high-end device aimed at the enterprise market, according to the company’s Corporate VP of Windows Kevin Gallo. He also claimed that the handset would be « category innovating. »

« We’re really aligned to what we’ve done on the Windows desktop, » he said, adding “which is we’ll lead with some high end and category innovation like we’ve done with Surface, and OEMs will go and build the breadth of the catalog. »

He also commented on the company’s Windows Phone OS, stressing that neither it has been abandoned, nor there are any such plans.

« Windows Phone is fully supported. We’re fully behind it. We’re not abandoning the phone, » he said. « There’s really no change in what our direction or strategy is with respect to releasing the Windows Phone software. »

In fact, he said they’ll soon be pushing out a major update to the Windows 10 Mobile OS.


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