BMJ Best Practice v2.4 [Subscribed]
Requirements: 4.0 and up
Overview: BMJ Best Practice is a trusted, authoritative clinical decision support tool that provides quick, easy-to-use answers to clinical questions.


Diagnose. Treat. Manage. Learn.

The BMJ Best Practice app provides clinicians, medical students, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, with quick, convenient and relevant access to:

– All content is available offline (once downloaded)
– Clinical guidelines and research evidence
– Expert opinion to back up your clinical decisions
– Topics structured in digestible sections, including prevention, diagnosis and treatment
– Over 1000 diagnoses and diagnostic tests
– Over 3500 medical images
– Fully referenced evidence-based guidelines

This app is available for android devices operating OS4 and above. It includes 20 free SAMPLE topics.

New in this version:
– Increased app speed – find all of your clinical questions faster, even when offline
– Red flag conditions now displayed in Diagnosis > Differential diagnosis
– Easy navigation with page numbers now displayed within each topic
– Improved app interface & font
– Improved search to give more accurate results

Annual subscriptions for additional content across a range of specialties are available to purchase, depending on your specific information needs. Content bundles range in price from £4.99 to £59.99 for All topics. All purchased content can be accessed on multiple devices by signing into your account.

If your institution subscribes to BMJ Best Practice, you will be able to download ‘All topics’ for FREE via an access code or through your institutions wi-fi/network. To find out more, either ask your institutional administrator, or read:

What’s New
– Ability to download & remove individual content bundles from your device via subscriptions for institutional users and purchasers of All topics.
– Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy acceptance
– Bug fix for institutional login

● All bundles Subscribed
● No login Required
● Login view removed from subscription page

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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well done for this marvelous app :D :thumbup:
Working flawlessly.. thanks a lot..
ty mate . perfect . but one thing : the app hangs now if i connected to net and work if im not connected . can you fix this?
yifystuff wrote:ty mate . perfect . but one thing : the app hangs now if i connected to net and work if im not connected . can you fix this?

pm me some details of your issue please. May be this can happen when there is problem to get in contact with the server.
Check if your issue is momentary or not.

ok . maybe server problem but i think it must be athentication problem . its not my net problem ,have been check it with vpn , no difference .
I’ve been having problems too but maybe it’s my fault. Let me elaborate. Just need feedback from the people for whom it worked. I mean, after installing for the first time, it loaded content in all three categories for me totaling 977 topics worth a 148 mb of data. No sign up screen, no verification nothing. But midway of the download (around 128 mb) it stopped (because my internet disconnected) but it said on the "subscription bundle screen" that I have 825 topics downloaded out of the 977 (that is 122 of 148 MB perhaps) so I clicked the view button next to the 825 topics and when there it asked me to download it all again, no single topic of the 825 was available for viewing. I thought okay, I would download it again but nothing worked, could not download a single topic or all of the bundles at once, nothing downloaded but a download bar that would run pointlessly.
I then uninstalled it and reinstalled it but now no single topic was shown and it is stuck at "Loading Contents" telling me "You are offline" while still connected to the internet which I connected and disconnected and was working with everything else but with BMJ. So this time on the subscription page, nothing showed at all, 0 topics, 0 to view, 0 subscription bundles. I installed, uninstalled, switched off my phone whatever there was in my power but nothing works. I have an empty app with zero contents.
See I know this app works because I see posters here saying it does and even more I had it working the first time but does a single disconnection during an ongoing download can create this big a problem? It most certainly is my fault, that I can see, but can anyone guide me how to get out of it and get it working again? I will contact the releaser Kirlif too but I’m sure it’s not his fault.
Any help from anyone will be dearly appreciated, Thanks.
I use MIUI 7 based on 4.4.2. I also faced similar problems. Initially, it crashed like hell. Then all of sudden, it started with offline error. Then i forcefully shut it down, cleared from memory & relaunched. After few crashes, it started working & downloaded all data, some 148MB & unpacked it. But when I surfed articles, I was unable to see contents at all, though in-article navigation works.
Pay attention, this 148 Mb of downloaded data use about 1,5 Go once inflated.
Take care such storage space is available on your device.
the app us buggy at default and no difference between cracked and uncracked version . but the contents are good enough too love this app .
@mrcutesmile, sorry to hear that you face the same problem, or one slightly similar to mine. I am on Android KitKat too, so maybe things are related here. I’ve been having the same "you are offline" error too, still stuck here, but glad to know you overcame it but 2 to 3 stages later you still can’t make it work. I hope somebody comes up with a solution for you too. The releaser Kirlif is great help!

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@yifystuff, I agree with you too, the app is very desirable with the quality of its contents, but I don’t understand what you mean by saying no difference exists between the cracked and uncracked versions, because this is a true cracked version, maybe you mean the work done on it is so awesome you can’t tell the difference between cracked and uncracked :)

As for me, I’m continuing to be patient, hopefully somebody will figure out a solution to my problem too :think:

sry for my bad english , i mean that ,the uncracked app has similar problems .
Just like what Kirlif stated. Be aware: it changed my Galaxy S7 into a 1st generation smartphone: slow and stuffed after more than 1 hour spent in "indexing" topics. It’s a badly structure app, in my ‘non-modest-but-straightforward’ judgement. Dodge away!
I’m so sorry to hear about your trouble with this app hneves, but apart from little nags here and there, this app is truly a masterpiece by Kirlif. It works for me, and almost 3 other people I know who I have shared it with.

The download, if uninterrupted, will download without any errors, the unpacking you’ll have to give some time, and voila, it works like the best BMJ can offer with all bundles subscribed and login unnecessary!

Truly a work of genius! Oh my God I can’t tell you how long I’ve been wanting this app for. Thank you Kirlif and continue to bedazzle us doctors with your clinical precision in digital mastery :clap: