Apple’s MacBook Pro line is due for a redesign this year, according to countless rumors that have spread so far. We’ve previously heard the new design will be thinner and lighter, and will house an OLED touch panel replacing the row of function keys above the keyboard.

Now a new rumor on the matter comes to confirm the OLED touch panel’s presence in the 2016 MacBook Pro. It brings a new bit of information to the table too – namely that the laptop will also have a fingerprint scanner embedded in its power button. This will apparently be branded Touch ID just like the fingerprint reader on the iPhones.

The revelations come from an unnamed source that’s said to have provided reliable information in the past, so hopefully it’s doing the same this time around. The new MacBook Pro will reportedly get four USB Type-C ports, with embedded support for Thunderbolt 3. There will be two models, sitting on top of Apple’s new laptop line – which will have the new MacBook Air at the low-end, with a new 13″ MacBook being the mid-tier offering.

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