Algorithm of Destruction v 1.14
Requirements: Android 2.3+
Overview: Cast out the alien from the planet!


Puzzle in the best traditions of the genre! On the playing field are scattered crystals and one Alien base. There is an arsenal of various types of explosives, bombs and mines and one detonator. To pass the level you need to assign the available amount of ammunition so that the blast took place from the detonator to the base of aliens and collect all the crystals along the way. The gameplay is complicated by the appearance on the playing field of portals and energy barriers. Portals are used for teleportation blast wave from one playing field to another area. Energy barriers need to turn off to the blast destroyed the alien base! If you like puzzles with a mediation unhurried shuffling its parts (in this case, mine or bomb), then this game is for you!

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2016 tech Slection
A LIRE  Plex for Android v5.0.0.737 [Unlocked]