Samsung revamped its S Pen suite for the Galaxy Note7 – all the apps were consolidated into one (Samsung Notes) and the drawing experience was overhauled.

The good news is that the company won’t make you upgrade your older Note just to get the new software – it will soon release the app for « other Note devices in the near future. »

Samsung Notes in action Samsung Notes in action Samsung Notes in action
Samsung Notes in action

There’s no indication of how far back through Galaxy Note generations (phones and tablets) you can go with the new app. After installing it, you’ll be able to import your old S Note and Memo content through your Samsung account or Smart Switch.

It’s a sweet app, though. Advanced text recognition lets you make To Do lists with numbers, checkboxes and different colors for items. With the new oil paintbrush, you can mix multiple colors like with the real thing. The calligraphy pen carefully tracks the pressure you apply as you write – the Note7 can track about 4,000 levels of pressure, older Notes are less sensitive.


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