Asus folks certainly had a stretch of sleepless nights preparing for this year’s IFA and brought a huge number of devices – some entirely new, others already announced, but not all of them available. There’s the brand new Zenwatch 3 smartwatch, the Transformer 3 convertibles, Zenbook 3 notebook, the Zenpad 3S 10 tablet, and the Zenscreen portable monitor – a whole new breed of a device.

And that’s before we even start with the Zenfones. Announced all the way back in the end of May, the Zenfone 3 family (quite a large one, too) has only recently started to make it to store shelves in Asia. Seeing them now on European soil, we’re inclined to think that wider availability will follow soon.

IFA 2016 Asus

We did get to spend some precious moments with a few of these devices, but it’s arguably the Zenwatch 3 that’s the star of the show, so that’s the one we’ll start off with.

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